Today I am posting a link to a two part audio recording of my interview with guest Michael Behm. My regular "Above The Noise" music industry podcast will resume next week! Michael was one of the guest lecturers at the course I teach, also called "Above The Noise." Michael is a producer, writer, performer and also owner of a publishing company and multiple music venues in north and central America.

Over the course of Michael's career he has been a touring musician playing 6 nights a week (sharing the stage with the likes of Bon Jovi), recorded over 6 albums of original material, had his music placed in T.V. and Film, owned and operated live music venues, produced countless artists, written hits for other artists in more that 6 countries with major label distribution, spoken at MIDEM, and whole lot more! Because of the fact that Michael's career has allowed him to see such a full spectrum of the industry, he was a great person to have come in to the classroom. Having been successful at everything he has put his mind to,  I had a few question as to how he approaches each project so as to have successful outcomes!

Aaron Bethune.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Being proactive and having the ability to adapt to change.

  • The power of co-writing.

  • The new music industry and where the money is!

  • Can I be a member of other PRO's outside of my country?

  • Can I partition my catalog so that it is represented by ASCAP or BMI depending on the track?

  • Changing your thermometer for success.

To listen and download the audio files please click here.