This is the first podcast in my series "Above The Noise." The purpose of these podcasts is to find out what it takes to permeate to the top. With the physical ability to listen to only 5% (and that's if we spend 24-7  without breaks) of new music released every week (thanks to Jay Frank for this stat) it is clear that the true task is to be "Heard Above The Noise." The interviews will be with the people behind the music and the people behind the business of this industry. We will be sharing conversations with musicians, composers, marketing and branding gurus, social media experts, industry leaders, thought provokers and music futurists!

On this occasion it is my pleasure to sit down with friend and composer Andrew Oye. If your are still trying to figure out how to make a living in music and how to get your music from your home studio to the big screen you'll find all the information and more here!

Thanks and until next time, stay above the noise!

Aaron Bethune

#1 ATN Interview with composer Andrew Oye

Composer Andrew Oye

Composer Andrew Oye

Andrew Oye is an award-winning composer from British Columbia, Canada. He has had his music featured in shows such as Transformers 3, Californication, Dexter, Lost, CSI, The Office, Sons Of Anarchy, 2010 Olympics, Hawaii Five O, Kath and Kim, and many others. He has also collaborated with notable musicians and actors like Barry Pepper, Ryan Hoyle of Collective Soul fame, and the late great T Lavitz of Dixie Dregs fame.

Since 2006 Oye has been writing production music for various publishers in the US and Canada. He recently opened his own production library DirectComposer.Com. To date Oye has composed over 1000 pieces of music that have been used in hundreds of productions throughout Canada, USA, Australia, and Europe. If you watch some of the hottest shows on TV, you have likely heard the music of Andrew Oye.

#2 ATN Interview with music supervisor Sarah Gavigan

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Sarah Gavigan Music Supervisor

Sarah Gavigan Music Supervisor

Sarah Gavigan is founder/author of the groundbreaking online educational resource Get Your Music Licensed. With over a decade of experience as an award-winning music supervisor, Gavigan has created a unique online community as the platform to share her insight and expertise on the notoriously hard to access music licensing industry.

Today Gavigan is a music supervisor/producer for advertising agencies worldwide, consulting for brands on music licensing, and writing about her experiences in music licensing and the music industry. Gavigan has presented at workshops and conferences around the globe, including CMJ, SXSW and Belfast Music Week.

For a free video on music licensing you can go here: