Sitting here in my hotel room in Nashville I am happy to finally have some time to post this interview with Ruth Blatt. There are many of these yet to come!  I first found out about Ruth when reading one of her articles in Forbes. She writes about popular music using research on management and entrepreneurship. She shows a different side of musicians and music industry professionals by writing about them as navigators of their own careers, as leaders of small businesses, and as part of self-managed creative teams.


Since becoming a father I have thought many times about all the great things music can do to help a person develop their communication skills, relationship skills, leadership skills, how it helps to build confidence and it's many other positive results. I would love and encourage for my children to experiment with music so as to experience the benefits that it has to offer. Most of all to have fun and be creative. Ruth's articles include these same thoughts and present them as business insights to companies, entrepreneurs and the general public. I wanted to ask her some questions of my own so as to gather more insights this time geared towards musicians.

Ruth has a Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from the University of Michigan and taught Entrepreneurship to MBAs at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She has written for, Psychology Today and currently writing a book about the history and production of rock concerts. If you want to learn more about her you can visit:

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