Today I am talking with graphic designer, photographer and branding expert, Josh Nychcuk. He designed the "Above The Noise" logo and is my go to guy when it comes to design for the projects I work on.

I thought Josh would be the perfect person to ask some questions regarding building a brand identity. I wanted to get some "nuts and bolts" answers that could be directly applicable to developing your brand's visual identity.

When asked to described what he does and why, Josh says this:

I work in the field of visual communication as a graphic designer and photographer. I firmly believe in the potential of design—it's ability to create a better and more meaningful world. To me good design is a delicate balance between research, rational thinking, and intuition. When these 3 acts are in harmony, design has the ability to create positive lasting change.

Design is a tremendous tool for improving and simplifying education and learning; creating experiences that are more delightful, functional and meaningful; developing businesses, organizations and initiatives that will have sustainable long-term growth, and a positive effect on the community and environment.

Josh shares a ton of hands on advice in this interview that will be invaluable to building your brand's visual identity.

In our conversation we discuss:

Typography, Colours, Emotion, Imagery, Consistency, Contrast, values, etc... What messages they send and how the viewer interprets them... and a  whole lot more!

Aaron Bethune.Music Specialist. Creative Consultant.

Interview with Josh Nychuck