"You are exactly where you are supposed to be...." This is what my friend Ryan Stanley told me once and it has given me a whole new perspective on life. I don't know about you but I have found myself blaming a situation, or even worse, other people, when things have not been as successful as I had hoped. You hear it all the time, "If I just had more money, or, if I just lost a little weight,... etc... things would be better."

Your Thoughts Create Your Futre crop

Your Thoughts Create Your Futre crop

My dad always told me "the helping hand you are looking for is at the end of your own arm...", however sometimes it has seemed easier to reach for the arm of another. My whole life he's said, "Your thoughts create your future..."

Taking responsibility for your own actions, and accepting that the present is where you have lead yourself, is not always easy. At times it is even difficult to understand why those around you experience greater success when you have been given the same opportunities.

I have lived my life by the words of my father, that your thoughts create your future. However, when Ryan told me "you are exactly where you are supposed to be...," all of a sudden it became clear to what degree I am responsible for the present I am experiencing. I am supposed to be exactly where I am, and in the situation I am in, because of the decisions and choices I have made in the past. Consequently, I have the power to decide where I am supposed to be in my future.

Once I fully realized the power of the present, the fact that the present will be our past, and that at one point it was the future, I realized just how much control I have of my own life.

If you want to fulfill your dreams, stop dreaming! As long as you dream of them being in the future they will stay in the future. It's like the horse that has a carrot dangling in front of it, no matter how fast it gallops the carrot doesn't get any closer. The future is made up of present moments. If you spend your time daydreaming about what you are going to do, where you are going to be, what sort of lifestyle you plan to lead, etc... when you get to the future and it is not what you had imagined, it is because you never made "right now" count.

Whether you are fulfilling your dreams or not, "you are exactly where you are supposed to be!"

Thanks Ryan.