A while back I interviewed Canadian radio promoter, Bill Miller of Sharp 9 Music. I first crossed paths with Bill when he was heading up Pitt Bull Promotions and had successfully developed the company into one of Canada's leading radio promotion companies. He has since started Sharp 9 Music. I was officially introduced through a mutual friend. The friend's band had successfully had their single go top 20 thank's to Bill and Pitt Bull's Promotion machine behind it. 

Part of the rockstar dream is to have your music on the radio. Every band wants it but not many understand how to make it happen. Hopefully, this interview will give you a better understanding!

I am a big advocate of hiring people that are experts in their field, rather than try and do everything yourself. That said, I believe it is important to know how things work so that you can better understand the job of the person you are hiring. I have heard mixed opinions around promoting your own single to radio. A hard part is being turned down when pitching your own music, not everyone is cut out to take that with a smile. Some radio promoters have told me that they like it if an artist has tried promoting their first single as it means some of the ground work is done and can even at times lead to bringing the costs down of their services. 

For more information on Bill you can visit his website here

Aaron Bethune

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