The following services are available individually, as well as a bundle. We retain the right to choose who we work with and require a screening process before committing to the work. We believe it should be a relationship we both want to enter. Schedule a call so that we can get acquainted. 

Below is a list of services we provide and a brief description. If you would like more information please be in touch.

Artist development (full package)

We develop you as an artist and brand.
The process includes identifying your difference; profiling your Super Fan and key demographic; life coaching for growing as an artist and as a person; aligning your brand with your true passion and authentic self; finding the right songs & the right producers; organizing co-writes; developing your personal image; doing a professional photo shoot; building your web presence; designing a website; preparing you for media interviews; working on your stage presence; creating brand artwork and imagery; identifying strategic partners and creating a business plan. This is service takes more than 12 months to complete.  


Have us in your corner. Get the benefits of our expertise through our unique, life coaching meets business consulting, personal approach. You can engage us for individual sessions or put us on retainer. If you are a go-getter looking for advice on the next step to take or are already established & needing a creative partner to share a new perspective... don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Got an event coming up? Releasing an album? Going to radio with a single? Looking for media coverage? We identify the platforms and media outlets that best engage your target demographic. We help tell your story and spread your brand. And yes, we write your bio. We use social media to gauge your brand and to join the conversation. If you want to be seen and heard above the noise, don't wait to get in touch. 

Fan profiling

We perform an in-depth research & data mining of your audience as part of developing audience growth opportunities. With the data & knowledge gained we create a profile of your Super Fan. No more guessing. No more wasted time playing at the wrong venues or pursuing the wrong sponsors. This information will affect everything you do - from where you tour to the experiences and merchandise you provide your fans. 


From the ground up we create a brand blueprint, an identity, an expression of what you stand for and fans can feel represented by. Brands are built over time with a clear vision. It acts as a compass in your decision making and who you partner with. We provide all elements of branding, from design to storytelling.  

Web design

Let us build you a custom website. Beautifully designed, it will incorporate the latest in responsive technology and apps, allowing you to engage & retain fans through email signups and calls to action. A great website and powerful design will play a positive role in the acquiring of strategic partners and key players to help further your career. We build websites that showcase your creative vision and allow your fans to get to know you better.

Photo shoots

An image speaks louder than words. Capture the right emotion in an image that will best transmit your personal brand. Great photos go a long way when it comes to getting media coverage. Great photos get covers. Great photos draw in fans. We work with award winning photographer Mark Maryanovich as our in house photographer. We have great connections with other world class photographers that each have their own unique styles. We organize the photo shoot and ensure the end product is a perfect fit. 

Grant writing

There are millions of dollars available in grants that most musicians and independent labels are not taking advantage of. Although the outcome is never guaranteed our expertise and experience will give you the best opportunity of getting funded. As jurors for both major music funding and music awards we have a privileged viewpoint that brings value into the application process. 

Crowd funding Campaigns

Step by step we will help you build a crowd sourcing campaign that will help you finance your next project and engage your fans. Audience, timing and content is everything. It's never too soon to get in touch and start planning ahead. 

Music Production

Aaron Bethune is our in-house music producer. Additionally, we have established relationships and connections to world class, award-winning producers with a number of Grammy's under their belts. Depending on the project, we will assist in finding and engaging the right producer as well as negotiating the fees.


Having a hit song is key to commercial success. Writing with co-writers can provide that song, improve your own writing, increase your chances of radio play, open new doors in the industry, align with a publisher, help you develop your personal sound and ultimately help with touring. We find and connect you with writers that will up your game and hopefully garner you a hit.