Above the Noise Music Indsutry Podcast

The purpose of these podcasts is to find out what it takes to permeate to the top. With the physical ability to listen to only 5% (and that’s if we spend 24-7 without breaks) of new music released every week (thanks to Jay Frank for this stat) it is clear that the true task is to be “Heard Above The Noise.” These interviews are with the people behind the music, the people behind the business of this industry and with experts in other industries that can share an insightful and fresh perspective. 

Here you will find conversations with musicians, composers, marketing and branding gurus, social media experts, radio promoters, labels, managers, industry leaders, thought provokers, social scientists, and music futurists!

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Knowledge is a powerful tool.

Aaron Bethune

If you would like to be on the podcast, know someone who should be, have questions you would like answers to...